British Islands. Riptide Barra is wreaking havoc. Strong wind, downpours and snow at the same time [GALERIA] | World news

Irish radio RTE said emergency services are still trying to restore order after the devastation of Barr’s hurricane. It brought with it heavy rains, gusty winds and heavy snowfall. The government, however, urged residents to remain wary, as the weather warning will be in place at least until Wednesday evening.

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The devastating hurricane of Barra in the British Isles. There was a lot of damage

Riptide caused extensive damage in the British Isles. Roads were closed in many regions and a large number of buildings were damaged. Local media also reported broken trees and cars crushed by them. According to RTE, on Tuesday at Fastnet Lighthouse on the south coast, gusts of winds reached speeds of up to 159 km / h.

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In Ireland, almost 60,000 Homes were de-energized and schools were closed in 12 counties. In contrast, in the Northeast of Scotland alone, the storm took 1,700 homes out of power. Schools have also been closed and there have been numerous transport delays. There were restrictions on bridges across Scotland, according to the BBC. The Dornoch, Skye and Erskine bridges were closed to high-sided vehicles. The Forth road bridge, on the other hand, was closed to double-decker buses, and only passenger cars and double-decker buses could use the Tay Bridge.

Additionally, the Met Office posted a warning on Wednesday regarding high winds in Wales.

Barra in the British Isles. The damage is being repaired to get life back to normal

According to Irish radio RTE, local authorities have called for extra caution when carrying out repairs caused by the hurricane.

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In some regions of the British Isles, the situation is slowly returning to normal. Homes are powered up, roads are being cleaned and some airports have resumed flights.

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