British media: There was a party on the night before Prince Philip’s funeral in Downing Street

Spokesman Boris Johnson said the prime minister was not there at the time Downing Street, because he had been in the Checkers country house outside London from Thursday night to Saturday, but had not contradicted the information given by the Daily Telegraph.

According to the newspaper, the events took place on Friday April 16, 2021 were organized on the occasion of the departure of two employees – communication director James Slack and one of the prime minister’s photographers. Initially, they were held separately – the latter, in the basement of the building, in a poorly ventilated room, that is, in conditions where coronavirus spreads easiest – but around midnight both merged into one garden party Downing Street. There were about 30 people altogether there at that time.

As the Daily Telegraph describes, citing witnesses, including those attending these events, at one point there was a fear that there might be a shortage of alcohol, so one of the people went to a nearby supermarket and brought a few bottles of wine in a suitcase. In turn, participants in the basement party expressed concern that too much wine had spilled on the carpet while they were dancing. Later, when they all moved to the garden, one of the staff members came over Downing Street stepped onto the children’s swing of his newborn son Boris Johnson and broke it. The party was supposed to end late after midnight from Friday to Saturday.

As the Daily Telegraph recalls, government guidelines at the time stated that it is not allowed to meet for social purposes in closed rooms, with the exception of members of your own household or the so-called support bubbles, while in the open air, including in home gardens, meetings of up to six people or two households were possible.

This is another case that has been revealed by the media in recent weeks that the Downing Street, other ministries or Conservative Party headquarters have held social gatherings, informal parties, or parties during covid restrictions when prohibited but the first for 2021. The previous 12 known to have been held in April, May, November and December 2020. Some of them are under investigation by high-ranking civil servant Sue Gray.

But as the Daily Telegraph emphasizes, the context is particularly important in the latest case – it reminds that in order to comply with government regulations, the royal family had to limit the number of participants of Prince Philip’s funeral to only 30 people, and one of the most moving scenes was that of Queen Elizabeth II, who, due to the principles of social distancing, sat alone in the chapel at Windsor Castle.

“The Queen sat alone in mourning, like many in those days, with personal trauma and dedication to abide by the rules in the national interest. I have no words for the culture and behavior at Number 10 (10 Downing Street, i.e. the seat of the prime minister – PAP), and the prime minister is responsible for this “- said the vice-leader of the opposition Labor Party Angela Rayner.

“The Queen sitting alone, mourning the loss of her husband, was the picture that defined the lockdown. Not because she is the queen, but because she was just another person, mourning alone like too many others. While she mourned, Number 10 was partying. Johnson must go, “Liberal Democrat leader Ed Davey wrote on Twitter.

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