British Minister: Vaccination enables us to be the first to recover from a pandemic

Thanks to the high level of vaccination, the United Kingdom has a chance to be the first of the large economies to recover from the coronavirus pandemic, said the former deputy health minister for vaccination and now education minister Nadhim Zahawi.

Our four-step plan meant we were able to open up the economy in the summer. Some said it was a mistake – I think it was the absolutely right decision. We will probably be, hopefully without complacency, the first major economy in the world to demonstrate how vaccines can move from pandemic to endemic (the phase in which the disease is constantly present, but at a similar level – PAP) Zahawi said in an interview with LBC radio.

Meanwhile, on Monday it was announced that it was in the last 24 hours 44.9 thous. were detected in Great Britain coronavirus infections and 45 deaths from Covid-19. This means that Monday is the fifth consecutive day on which the balance of detected infections exceeds 40,000. and it is the first such series in a month.

Although the number of infections in Great Britain has been increasing again in the last two weeks, the percentage increases are not as high as they are currently taking place in many countries of continental Europe. Moreover, after the lifting of the restrictions in July, the daily balances of infections, contrary to fears, did not come close to the level of 100,000.

Deaths and hospitalizations are at much lower levels than they were during the January wave. Back then, more than 1,000 people were dying with Covid-19 a day, the current level is ten times lower. There are over 8,000 in hospitals. people, while in January this number was close to 40 thousand.

In the UK, almost 112.3 million vaccines against Covid-19 have been administered so far, of which 50.8 million are the first doses, 46.2 million – the second, and 15.3 million – the third and booster doses. This means that at least one was adopted by 88.3 percent, and both by 80.3 percent. residents over 12 years of age.

British Minister: There is no need for restrictions or compulsory vaccinations

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