Britney Spears accused of beating. “Investigation transferred to the prosecutor’s office”

As to the fact that there was a brawl in the Britney Spears house, in which the singer and her housekeeper took part, there is no doubt. This is confirmed not only by the policeman who accepted the report from the housekeeper, but also by the singer’s lawyer Mathew Rosengart.

However, the versions of the events differ. Homeworker Britney Spears, who works at home, claims that she was hit by a singer who tried to rip her phone away, and people around the star, including her lawyer, argue that yes, there was an argument over the phone, but the singer did not hit the staff, she only tried take over the smartphone.

Neither side explained what was the cause of the row and why the singer was so anxious to seize the phone.

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Britney Spears accused of beating. “Nutrition for tabloids”

Captain Eric Buschow confirmed to People that the singer was a suspect in a beating investigation over the housekeeper’s testimony and added: “Ultimately, this investigation will be referred to the District Attorney’s Office, she will decide whether or not a minor offense charge will be brought.”

A person from the circle of the star, who was reached by People magazine, relates the whole incident: – The housekeeper was holding her phone, and Britney was trying to remove it from her hands. It was just an argument and it was really just about the phone.

In turn, “PageSix” quotes the singer’s lawyer Mathew Rosengart: – This is a blown, sensational medium for tabloids. There is nothing more than “he said, she said” regarding a cell phone. Nobody hit anyone, there was of course no injuries. Anyone can report to the police, but this case should be closed immediately, explained the lawyer.

The incident with the housekeeper may put the singer’s mental state in a bad light at the next court hearing on her guardianship, scheduled for September 29. Recall that Jamie Spears recently announced that for the sake of his daughter he decided to resign from further custody over her.

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