Britney Spears accused of seriously neglecting her dogs. Was this the reason for beating the hostess?

Britney Spears, once dubbed “the princess of pop”, is struggling with serious problems. The star was under her father’s tutelage for 13 years. In June of this year, the singer confessed that she was suffering from depression. However, it might seem that Britney’s troubles are slowly coming to an end as her father has made the decision to give up his tutelage over her and the singer will finally be able to breathe a sigh of relief. Unfortunately, recent events that took place at the star’s California residence may bury Spears’ chances of freedom.

Britney Spears had a fight with an employee?Britney Spears suspected of beating. The proceedings against her are pending

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#FreeBritney. What is the situation of Britney Spears and what is the pop icon fighting?

The lives of Britney’s dogs were at stake. The animals were dehydrated and malnourished?

According to the information reached by journalists of the American website TMZ, an employee who accused Britney of beating up decided to take Spears’ dogs to the vet on her own. The woman argued that the lives of the animals were in danger due to dehydration and poor diet. The hostess’s intervention took place at the beginning of August and it was the “stealing” of the dogs that was supposed to be the cause of a fierce quarrel between the women.

One of the star dogs suffers from digestive disorders and therefore must be given special food. Unfortunately, the animal was completely neglected in this matter, and its food was leftovers from the table of household members. Such an approach could lead to very serious health consequences, and in the worst case to the death of the animal. Concerned, the woman decided to intervene on her own and take the dogs to the clinic.

Another traumatic experience Britney Spears had to deal with

When Britney noticed that her beloved dogs had not returned home, she reported the fact to the police. At first, the star suspected his father’s entire incident. When it became clear that her employee was behind the situation, a serious quarrel broke out, resulting in Spears being charged with a beating. The outburst of anger on the part of the star could possibly be caused by Britney having previously experienced the traumatic experience of losing custody of her children. When she realized that she might still lose her beloved dogs, she became enormously angry.

According to the American media, the star does not feel guilty about the neglect of dogs and called the police to report the theft of animals close to her heart. It is not known yet how the whole situation and the recent events in which Britney is involved will affect her further fate.

Britney fans created a movement called #FreeBritneyBritney fans created a movement called #FreeBritney Photo Ringo Chiu / Shutterstock

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