Britney Spears and Sam Asghari in the middle of a divorce: this very expensive rent that she is forced to pay him

Britney Spears has been single for a few days. Indeed, the singer has announced her divorce with Sam Asghari. “As everyone knows, Sam and I are no longer together. Six years is a long time to be with someone, so I’m a little shocked. But, I’m not here to explain why because honestly it’s nobody’s business! But, I honestly couldn’t take the pain anymore! In a telepathic way, I have received so many heart melting messages from friends and thank you! I’ve been playing it loud for too long. My Instagram may look perfect but it’s far from reality. And I think we all know that! I would like to show my emotions and my tears about how I really feel. »

But beware, not everything is settled. Indeed, Britney Spears is still administratively linked with Sam Asghari. In particular, she must pay the rent of Sam Asghari, estimated at 10,000 dollars per month. According to our colleagues from TMZ, this decision was made by the lawyers of the singer herself. Indeed, her ex-husband threatened to challenge the entirety of their marriage contract. Thus, Britney Spears could be forced to give several thousand euros to her ex-husband.

Britney Spears enjoys being single

Pending her official divorce, Britney Spears must take her troubles patiently. However, she intends to enjoy her celibacy. Indeed, she has been seen with men. “When you go to a so-called ‘friend’ and drive an hour for chicken!!! I was aware that the paparazzi had been tipped off as the car I was in had never been used before…so how could they track me??? So what does a woman like me do? I put on my green dress and I go to my friends!!! I invited my favorite boys and we PLAYED ALL NIGHT!!! »

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