Britney Spears breaks the silence. “I am extremely happy”

Britney Spears fans are worried about her idol, who not only has stopped performing, but her recordings that are on the web, in their opinion, may indicate a very poor condition of the singer. We remind you that privately, the star fights for a partial release from the tutelage that her father Jamie currently exercises.

Until now, the artist has remained silent about her condition. When she tried to convey anything to fans, she did so with posts that fans thought were manipulated by managers. That is why her latest video, where she answers three most frequently asked questions, caused a storm among Internet users.

Spears explained at the beginning that she often gets dizzy when dancing in her living room, but as a professional dancer she can control it. The second question was about the red refrigerator, the photo of which the singer recently shared. She politely explained that she just liked the item and decided to share it on her Instagram.

“I’m having fun”

The last question, in which the singer told about her well-being, aroused the greatest interest. “You often ask me if I’m okay. Yes, I feel great. I am extremely happy. I have a beautiful house, wonderful children. I’m taking a break now. [od kariery]because I’m having a good time, “she admitted.

It might seem that such a confession would cut off speculation about the singer’s detention? Nothing could be more wrong. Many fans have become even more upset, and the entire recording is treated as a forced appeal. In their opinion, the singer needs immediate help, as she is imprisoned in her own home by her father.

We remind you that some time ago Britney asked her fans to just let her live. It was the artist’s appeal to the media and fans after the premiere of the documentary “Framing Britney Spears”.

“Framing Britney Spears”

Interest in the pop princess case has increased after the release of the latest documentary about Britney’s life. When on Sunday, February 7, America was thrilled Super Bowl Final, on Twitter, the hashtag #WEARESORRYBRITNEY (“Sorry Britney”) was gaining more and more popularity. This is the aftermath of the documentary “Framing Britney Spears”. Prepared by the editors of the “New York Times” The footage reminded of difficult moments in the career of a pop princess that most of us would prefer to forget.

A loud documentary that can be viewed on the Canal + platform shows the backstage of the loud #FreeBritney movement, which its fans have been living for several months. She also focuses on the beginnings of the singer’s career and the consequences that led to the tutelage that still restricts her freedom.

The editors of the New York Times informed that they had asked the star to comment on the document – but received no reply. However, it may also mean that Britney herself did not even find out about this request.

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