Britney Spears condemned her sister for promoting her diary “at her expense”

Britney Spears turns 40

Britney Spears turns 40

Jamie Lynn Spears recently appeared on Good Morning America to promote her book, which will hit bookstores on January 18th. The sister of the “Princess of Pop” described in it, inter alia, her relationship with Britney, which she claims she “worshiped and treated like a second mother.” The singer did not leave it unanswered. “She never had to earn anything. She always had everything served on a tray, ”Spears said bitterly, and condemned her sister for making a media career at her expense.

The diary of Britney Spears’s younger sister, “Things I Should Have Said”, will be released on January 18th. In his book, Jamie Lynn tells, inter alia, about childhood, first appearances in front of the camera, life dilemmas and plans. “Even though she grew up in one of America’s most famous families, Jamie Lynn never told her story in her own words. Now, for the first time, she speaks honestly about her ups and downs, revealing how her life has changed over the years and what she has lost by becoming a child star. It is a sincere, bold and inspiring portrait of a wife, mother, daughter, sister and an artist who does everything in her power to teach her children that it is worth accepting and loving yourself “- reads the publisher’s description.

The debuting writer promoted this book as a guest on the “Good Morning America” ​​program. “It was very important for me to find my voice. Because how else would I expect my daughters to be able to set limits and speak for themselves one day? ” Jamie Lynn said. In the diary, she also touched on the topic of her complicated relationship with the famous older sister, over whom their father was in charge since 2008. The court then found that the artist was unable to decide on personal and professional matters on her own due to mental problems. Last November, a court ruled that Britney no longer needed probation. Before and after this sentence, the star repeatedly accused her father of numerous abuses, and accused her younger sister of being indifferent to her fate.

Jamie Lynn presented a different version of their relationship history. “As we grew up, I worshiped her. She was like a second mother to me. Over the years, I saw more and more changes in her behavior – she was paranoid, inconsistent in her choices. However, I cannot diagnose someone’s mental condition. I’ve always been my sister’s biggest fan and advocate. When she needed help, I did my best to provide her. I made sure he had the contacts he needed to finally end his probation. When it ended, I was very happy. I love my sister. I did what I thought was right and I think she knows it. I have no idea why we ended up in this situation, Jamie Lynn said.

Britney did not leave those ego unanswered. In an extensive Twitter entry, “The Princess of Pop” condemned her sister’s interview, accusing her of using their conflict to increase book sales. “My sister said that at one point my behavior got out of hand. The truth is, 15 years ago, she wasn’t with me at all. So he has no idea what happened to me then. So why is he speaking? Would she want to sell the book at my expense? ” – emphasized the singer.

The star also referred to Jamie Lynn’s statement about her high-profile performance at the Radio Disney Music Awards in 2017. At that time, she performed a compilation of Britney’s remixed hits. During the summer, the artist criticized her younger sister, describing her performance as “deeply hurtful”. “We talked about it later. In fact, it was a bit confusing for me. I just wanted to pay tribute to my sister, celebrate all her wonderful achievements. I don’t understand why it should bother her, ”Jamie Lynn said in an interview.

Britney explained that to her too. “I know it may sound silly to most people, but when I wrote these songs, my sister was a kid. During all these years of tutelage, I begged for the possibility of recording remixes of my songs. Watching my sister’s performance, I saw everything I wanted and was denied. She took it from me. She never had to work for anything. She always had everything served on a tray. My family has ruined my dreams, ”Spears said bitterly. And she added that she wanted to take a break from social media. “I won’t be on Instagram for a while. Show business and the media have always been an extremely hateful environment for me “- the artist concluded. (PAP Life)

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