Britney Spears contemplates returning to the stage. “I’m having a transitional period in my life.” Fans concerned about the recording

Britney Spears has been living away from show business for two years. However, he is proud to run an Instagram account, where he regularly adds various materials about himself, including dance recordings. Recently, she decided to answer a few questions from fans. The faithful still believe that their idol will reappear on the stage. What did the interested herself say?

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Britney Spears getting ready for a big comeback? The star spoke up

Celebrity fans are looking forward to her big comeback. Among the questions for the singer, one could not miss – will Britney Spears return to performing on stage. The star referred to this in a special Instagram recording.

You ask if I’m ready to go back on stage or if I’m ever going to go back to performing. I have no idea. I’m having a good time now. I am having a transition period in my life and I try to enjoy it. That’s it – said the singer.

The singer’s profile does not lack recordings in which she dances and poses in front of the camera, which is eagerly commented on by her faithful Internet users.

I think she misses making music videos.

This is a woman who wants to be on stage, fans wrote.

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In her social media there are also photos in bold and ever new styles. However, some of them evoke mixed feelings and concerns among Internet users about the star’s mental health. She recently presented herself in a snake costume and later in a body-hugging leopard jumpsuit, recording her bizarre poses.

Britney, are you okay?

Who keeps her account?

What is going on? – these are just some of the questions that regularly appear in the singer’s posts.

Britney Spears, after suffering mental health problems, remains under the care of her father. He manages her property. The star, however, is struggling to regain some power over his money. There will be a trial between the daughter and the father in June.

And you miss Britney on the big stage?

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