Britney Spears’ delight over Lady Gaga is endless. “You’re my inspiration”

Ever since Britney Spears regained her freedom, she has started settling accounts with the past and people who were definitely unfair to her. Not only family, but also former friends. The singer also does not forget about those who deserve thanks …

Britney Spears as soon as she regained her freedom, she began to settle accounts on Instagram with people who were not fair to her. Her mother went first Lynne Spears. Earlier, the artist accused her of having led to the entire tutelage. According to media reports, now Britney does not even want to see her.

Britney Spears furious with her mother. She refused to meet her!

Spears has also not forgotten to tell her industry colleague what she thinks about her. On Instagram, she referred to Christina Aguilera, who recently fell silent after hearing a journalist’s question about Britney’s custody.

The Princess of Pop could not stand it and wrote on Insta what she thought about such behavior.

»Britney Spears is hard on her ex-friend! Christina Aguilera was silent about the guardianship

Britney Spears she slowly forgets about bad moments and her false friendships. Now there is rapture over Lady Gaga. She had been delighted with the artist before, and now she has added a separate post on her Instagram. He not only congratulates the singer on her role in the movie “House of Gucci”, but also reminds her how much she loves her.

Why hello sexy lady !!!! Thank you again for the kind words … .. you inspired me too and I’m in love with this outfit !!!! You are my inspiration for the rest of the year and congratulations on a great movie !!!! Love, B 💋💋💋 ⁣

– Britney was delighted, publishing a photo and a video in which Lady Gaga expresses her satisfaction with the completed tutelage of a colleague from the industry.

You think that Christina Aguilera will she be jealous?

Britney Spears celebrates her freedom. Why was she really curated …

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