Britney Spears despairs that her beloved dogs have been taken away

Britney’s babysitter took her beloved dogs to the vet in early August, believing they were dehydrated and poorly nourished, according to anonymous sources. They haven’t come home so far. “Britney wants to know what’s going on,” reported one Page Six whistleblower. “She’s been through this before. The curators have already threatened to take her children away, and now the dogs are gone. For her, it’s too obvious and heartbreaking.”

Britney Spears suffered a deep nervous breakdown 13 years ago and has been incapacitated ever since. Her legal guardians are her father and lawyer Andrew Wallete. The singer has two sons: Sean and Jayden, their father is her ex-husband, rapper Kevin Federlin. They divorced in 2007 after three years of marriage. In 2008, Federline was granted sole custody of children.

According to Page Six, Spears was not guilty about the neglect of dogs and called the police to report the theft of animals close to her heart.

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