Britney Spears drama. What’s going on behind the door of her mansion?

Aleksandra Rudyk

Note, you may feel old. Britney Spears, Princess of Pop, will turn 40 this year. The American pop and dance star recorded her greatest, still remembered hits “Baby one more time” and “Oops! … I did it again” before the age of twenty – but despite the passage of decades, she never made the front pages of newspapers and websites.

Now, however, more often than her music, we hear news of her private dramas. First of all – about the 13 years of incapacitation and literally civil war that Britney Spears is waging with her father.

About her father, James Parnelle Spears, Britney in the most delicate variant says that he hurt her very much with his behavior. In her opinion, the 69-year-old should go to prison “for what he did to her.”

But what did he do? Until recently, the world only knew that her father had a guardianship over her and it was he who decided to use the millions of dollars that Britney Spears was earning on tours. It turns out, however, that much, much more was happening.

The public career of Britney Spears is a series of smiles, beautiful photos, dance concerts, sweet interviews. In addition to the dramatic collapse of 13 years ago, her social media and media coverage were ruled by joy and happiness until recent weeks.

Britney Spears: “Kiss me hard”

Until the last weeks, i.e. somewhere in the early summer of 2021. It was then that on Britney Spears’ Instagram profile, posts that were at least surprising, often shocking, and most thought-provoking began to appear.

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