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Britney Spears can finally enjoy freedom after more than 13 years. After freeing herself from her father’s tutelage, the singer re-arranges her life and surprises more and more on the web. On Instagram, she added another snapshot, on which she boldly exposed her buttocks. Has she exaggerated?

Britney Spears has been free after more than 13 years

Britney Spears he is without a doubt a world famous music star. To this day, the hits she promoted are very popular. Unfortunately, several years ago it passed a nervous breakdown due to divorce and loss of custody of children. The court ruled that the world-famous singer was incapable of self-determination and gave her under father’s guardianship. Jamie Spears has been making decisions about his daughter’s life for 13 years and he controlled assets worth 60 million dollars.

For a long time, there has been controversy about compulsory care imposed on the singer in court. Britney’s father has been said to be abusing her power, and Britney is already in her dark days long behind her. Thanks to the determination of the lawyers and the actions of the “#FreeBritney” movement, the court abolished the star’s guardianship after over 13 years. Currently, the star is optimistic about the future and arranges his life anew. However, it is not without some controversy …

Britney Spears exaggerated? The latest photography is warming the web

Britney Spears stays in touch with her beloved fans via Instagram, where she has attracted the attention of almost 39 million people from around the world. Her entries in social media have aroused a lot of controversy among observers for some time. This is because the singer publishes very bold frames that have shocked Internet users more than once. The star is not afraid to show the strengths of her body, and her latest snapshot really surprises.

The 40-year-old singer recently surprised everyone when she shared a controversial photo where she showed herself completely naked. The private parts of her body were only covered with emoticons. Now a similar photo has hit Instagram. Britney Spears stood with her back to the mirror, then flexed her buttocks, wearing only the bottom of the skimpy underwear. Did the singer not overdo it with exposing her charms? Judge for yourself.

Britney Spears poses completely naked! The photo ran around the web. “Women’s Free Energy” [FOTO +18]

Britney Spears is increasingly boldly celebrating the freedom that was returned to her after the lifting of her 13-year guardianship. The famous singer claims that she has never been so happy. To the entry …

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