Britney Spears | fears about third pregnancy and the idea of ​​a podcast

Britney Spears, third pregnancy fears and the idea of ​​a podcast (On Friday 15 April 2022)
The announcement of the pregnancy arrived with great enthusiasm and happiness: Britney Spears she is expecting a baby from her partner Sam Ashgari. And for the pop star this is an important period, because her battle for freedom has been successful and she can now, after a long time, return to live her life freely. And she does it too with such sincerity, telling a lot about herself and opening her heart to all the beautiful things she is experiencing and that the future will give her.
Britney Spearsopen heart on Instagram
Britney Spears he opened his heart on Instagram, he did it through his profile in a post full of words and without images, in which he told a lot about himself, his fears during this thirdRead about dilei

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