Britney Spears harshly attacks her family. “You hurt me”

Britney Spears experienced an acute nervous breakdown in 2007. Later, her father took complete control of her life. For over a decade, he was responsible for all her finances and was to install wiretaps in her bedroom to control her phone calls. After many years of silence, Britney was finally brought to trial, where she testified that she would like Jamie Spears to be removed from her probation duties. In the end, at the last hearing, the man resigned from his position, and fans around the world breathed a sigh of relief.

Although the singer managed to take a huge step to end her guardianship, she still fights for total freedom. We remind you that until recently she could not even use her own social media. Now the artist uses every opportunity to inform her fans about the situation that she had to keep silent about for many years with the help of subsequent entries on her Instagram.

“Don’t you find it weird when you go out of your way to organize a trip or arrange lunch with people you love, just to be set up or gone after 10 minutes? It’s humiliating and every person you whenever I opened up, then suddenly she said she was leaving, “Spears began the last post.

“I understand, they are available to me only when it is convenient for them. Now I am not available to them! I don’t mind being alone and all in all, I’m tired of being understanding Mother Teresa. If you’re rude to me, then the end “- she added.

“This message is aimed at my family for hurting me more than you would think. I know the probation will be over soon, but I still want justice. I’m only 163 cm tall and I’ve been pretending to be a bigger person all my life, you know how hard it is?” the pop princess replied.

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