Britney Spears has disappeared from the network. The singer’s fans are concerned

In Britney Spears’ life, everything has recently started to fall into place: her father has relinquished guardianship, and her beloved Sam Asghari asked her to marry him. And when the fans breathed a sigh of relief that the star’s situation was finally stabilizing, there was another turn. What happened?

The fans were worried by the sudden disappearance of the singer from Instagram – according to many people, such behavior does not bode well for anything good. Her account @britneyspears was followed by 34 million people. Shortly after his closure, the singer’s Twitter reported that her absence was related to recent, joyful events.

Beloved, don’t worry … I’m taking a little break from social media to enjoy the engagement. I’ll be back soon

The artist’s father took control of all aspects of her life, including her property. He has been exercising it since 2008, when Britney struggled with mental problems and struggled with addictions.

Spears filed for the lifting of probation, and in June 2021 she made a 20-minute testimony over the phone in court.

I feel like everyone is allied against me, I feel intimidated, ignored and alone. I am tired of loneliness

A court hearing in this case is scheduled for September 29.

Author:Katarzyna Lackowska

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