Britney Spears has removed Instagram. Why?

Britney Spears has removed Instagram. Why did her account suddenly disappear from the internet? After all, a few days ago she published a post with groundbreaking news …

Britney Spears for years she gave the impression that she lived in a fairy tale. Diamond records, millions of fans, concerts in the most prestigious locations and an advertising contract after a contract. The spell was broken when in 2007 it succumbed to the weight of popularity. She went berserk, shaved her head bald and attacked the paparazzi with her umbrella.

The star had a nervous breakdown. Her father stepped in – Jamie Spears. The man took court-appointed guardianship of her daughter in 2008. The singer’s break from performances did not last long. In the same year, she returned with a new album Blackout and hit the top of the charts again.

Only 13 years later did she tell about the hell she went through behind closed doors. In June 2021, the pop princess asked the court to end her supervision. She then publicly confessed that her dream was to free herself from an overly protective “daddy”:

Kuratela does a lot more harm to me than good. I didn’t know I could file a petition for termination of guardianship. My lawyer informed me that I could not let anyone know publicly what had been done to me. I shouldn’t be under guardianship. If I can work and earn money for myself and others – it doesn’t make sense. The law must change – she explained.

The artist was limited in many ways. She could not decide on trips, buy medical tickets or decide about her health. She couldn’t even use her private cell phone and enjoy the internet in any way she wanted. Granting her $ 25,000 monthly pocket money was also a big limitation. Such a sum is unimpressive given her high earnings.

Britney Spears has removed Instagram. Why?

Britney Spears’ life seemed to be back on track. Last week, the singer’s father confessed that he no longer wants to supervise his daughter. But that’s not all. On Sunday, the star announced her engagement. She accepted her partner’s proposal – Sam Asghariwith whom she has been in a relationship for 5 years.

The couple posted a beautiful session, collected a lot of congratulations and best wishes on a new way of life, until here, unexpectedly, Britney Spears’s account was removed from Instagram.

“User not found” and “There are no posts yet” – we read when we enter the official @britneyspears profile.

Britney Spears has removed Instagram

Britney Spears has removed Instagram

People who have not followed the hit stars Crazy on a social network, they can’t even view her account. They get the message “Sorry, this page is unavailable.” This means that the entire page has been deleted and, at best, deactivated, allowing you to restore it at any time.

Britney had over 2,000. posts and over 34 million followers. The fans are devastated, which they do not hide in the numerous comments on the pages devoted to the singer’s activities. Questions about what happened are multiplying at an alarming rate. So far, there has been no statement that could cool down emotions at least a bit …

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