Britney Spears hid a message in a post about RED? Fans on track

Britney Spears encrypts secret messages?
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What exactly does Britney Spears want to convey to her fans? Does the singer encrypt a secret message to her fans? The star’s last post on Instagram caused quite a stir among her fans. Some Internet users are convinced that Britney Spears is again trying to convey hidden information to them.

Britney Spears for many years he has been under the tutelage of his own father. Jamie Spears controls not only her assets, but can also decide where and with whom his daughter spends time. According to many fans, the singer’s Instagram posts are also censored, and maybe even DIRECTED by the star’s father.

And it is this last theory that gives rise to new rumors. According to many fans, Britney Spears For some time now, he has been trying to HIDE the secret message in his videos and photos posted on Instagram.

Secret posts by Britney Spears. What is RED?

Britney not only has she never denied the rumors of encrypted information, but also (consciously or not) herself fuels the conspiracy theories of her fans. Her latest post has caused quite a stir recently. Some fans are convinced that the star is “begging for rescue” again.

Britney Spears posted a photo with Justin Timberlake! Recently apologize to her …

RED IS HERE 💋💋💋 !!!!

– she wrote last weekend Britney Spears next to the photo, for which she poses in bright red gloves. The singer puts her hands to her cheeks and makes a serious face. According to some fans, the artist “wants to convey something” again.

Is it just that I don’t understand any of this ???

RED (Taylor’s Version)?!?!?

– fans write in the comments under the photo.

The comment in which one of the fans referred to one of the singer’s older posts caused the most confusion.

Red? Someone wrote underneath her last photo to wear something red if she’s in trouble …

And what do you say? Do you think Britney Spears really wants to tell her fans that she’s having problems? Or maybe she just liked fueling conspiracy theories?

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Britney Spears
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