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24 years ago, then teenage Britney Spears debuted with the single “Baby, One More Time”, which conquered the charts and the hearts of young fans. The singer was hailed as the hottest debut of 1998, and since then she has been referred to as “princess of pop”.

Bold teen uniforms and school atmosphere

– There is nothing extraordinary going on in this video, and the action is simply set on the school grounds – said Julia Radzięta, who runs a Polish website devoted to the life and work of Britney Spears. – In the first scenes, we see Britney sitting bored during lessons, then runs out of the classroom and starts dancing with her friends in the school hallway. Then the action moves outside to go to the gym, and at the end we see the singer looking at her friend or boyfriend – said the guest of the Four. – There is a lot of dancing and a school atmosphere and that’s it.

Revolutionary clip “without a revolution”

As she emphasized, although there is nothing revolutionary in this clip, and the creators did not use any innovative solutions or modern technologies during the filming, the key to the popularity of this issue may be something completely different. – I guess that it harmonizes so perfectly with this piece – said Julia Radzięta. – It also perfectly reflected the life of Britney and her audience. They were young people who still went to school and could simply identify with what was shown in the clip – said Julia Radzięta.

Britney Spears’ outfit in the clip is a school uniform, but a tweak, more bold. – It mattered. This outfit with a tied shirt and over knee socks defined the image of the artist herself for years. To this day, young Britney is still associated with pink pompoms – said Julia Radzięta.


6:18 _PR4_AAC 2021_12_03-06-20-26.mp3 How was the video for “Ooops, I did it again” by Britney Spears created? (Best day of the week / Four of us)

Britney Spears started a new genre of pop, later called “teen pop”. – She entered the studio for the first time when she was just 15 years old and her debut album was originally titled “Britney Spears”. After the success of the single, they decided on “Baby, One More Time” – said the journalist of the Four, Oliwia Krettek.

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