Britney Spears in tears before the court. He may already hire his own lawyer

  • Another hearing on the Britney Spears Conservatory took place on July 14. The singer in tears repeated the request that her father be removed from the function of probation officer
  • She received permission from the court to hire her own attorney, Matthew Rosengart. Jamie Spears, the father of the star, still remains her guardian and is responsible for the singer’s fortune
  • Britney’s new attorney was present in the courtroom. He said if Jamie loves his daughter, he would “quit tonight”
  • There was also an entry on the artist’s Instagram in which she used the hashtag #FreeBritney
  • More such texts can be found on the main page of

Another court hearing regarding the guardianship of Britney Spears took place this night, Polish time. The singer connected virtually and once again spoke about the conservatory. For several years, the artist has been trying to free herself from her father’s tutelage.

At the hearing, Judge Brenda Penny approved Spears’s request to hire her own lawyer in her case, following the resignation of court-appointed attorney Sam Ingham.

“After 13 years, when I had no influence on who would be my defender, I want to choose my own defender” – she handed Britney Spears in a document to the court. The request was supported by examples of the lack of reliability of the previous representative. During the audition, the singer emphasized that she had not been informed by Ingham that she was entitled to request that her father terminate her custody.

The court approved Sam Ingham’s resignation and ruled that she could hire her own representative, Matthew Rosengart, to represent her at the conservatory – he became Britney’s new attorney. His law firm previously represented, inter alia, Steven Spielberg, Sean Penn, Ben Affleck and Eddie Vedder.

It is also known that the artist once again asked the court to remove her guardianship and immediately deprive her of her father, Jamie Spears, of custody over her. Britney said in a broken voice in her testimony that she had received threats from a guardian. According to the TMZ portal – while testifying, she began to cry, begging the court to remove Jamie from the post of probation “still today”.

Britney’s new attorney, Rosengart, was present in the courtroom – and said if Jamie loves his daughter, he would “quit tonight.” By court decision Jamie Spears is still a restorer and is responsible for the singer’s fortune. Jodi Montgomery, on the other hand, is to remain Britney’s personal conservator.

There was also an entry on the artist’s Instagram in which she used the hashtag #FreeBritney. She turned to her fans, thanking everyone who supports her.

And although it is difficult to call today’s trial a won war, it is a fight and yes. It is also not without significance that the surroundings did not remain indifferent to the fate of the star. Personalities such as Madonna or Justin Timberlake with his wife stood behind Britney Spears. The case is still not settled. But it can be said that the balance of power is slowly changing.

Britney Spears Conservatory. Information

The case of the curator of Britney Spears has been heavily commented on the Internet for several weeks. Journalists from all over the world race against reports from the singer’s private life. All because of the recent court hearings; during one of them, a 39-year-old star recently asked a higher court in Los Angeles to end her probation. She then spoke continuously for 24 minutes. She testified that she was abused by the family who did nothing to help herspeaking directly about “abuses”.

For years, the life of a pop star has been under the control of a court-imposed legal system that deprives her of virtually all autonomy. The singer’s father gets approx. 130 thousand. hole. annually from her property for serving as probation officer. In 2018, legal and curatorial fees “cost” the artist over $ 1.1 million. Britney has long been opposed to entrusting her father with her finances.

– I feel that everyone is allied against me, I feel intimidated, ignored and … alone (…) I am tired of loneliness – the singer read a month ago from the note.

She noted that she was taken advantage of when she couldn’t sleep, she was depressed and deprived of privacy, and she cries every day. As she added, she wants to have another child, but is forced to use contraceptives, therapy, taking medications – including lithium, against one’s will. She criticized the way the family, including her father Jamie Spears, controlled her. She complained that her family had done nothing, “no goddamn thing”, to help her.

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