Britney Spears is accused of committing racism against 50 Cent, Jay-Z, Ludacris and Diddy

Britney only cited black rappers when talking about marijuana, trying to demonize the plant.

The singer Britney Spears is being accused of racism after naming some rap names while insulting ex-boyfriend about marijuana at her house. Recently, Federline, former Britney, surprised the world by publicly attacking his ex-wife by saying that his children, aged 15 and 16, did not have a legal relationship with her due to photos that the singer posted on the internet. She reacted by writing a note of her own, sharing that she was hurt by the distance from her children when she gave them everything. The war of words continued as her new husband and attorney spears spoke on his behalf.

Nonetheless, Federline resurfaced on Wednesday (August 10) and shared several videos, allegedly recorded by his children, of spears arguing with them. Many dismissed the heated conversations as a mother being on the edge of her intelligence, but after spears issued yet another response to her ex, several Hip Hop fans decided to criticize the singer and accuse her of racism.

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spears wrote a long caption on her Instagram criticizing Federline, but it was a part that caused an incendiary backlash on social media. “So as much as you guys watch what he refers to his family as the PERFECT BRADY BRUNCH family… I can assure you, this house has more weed than Ludacris, 50 cent, Jay Z and Puff Daddy have together!! !!”

People complained by the thousands that Spears cited only black artists from the rap community, who are also some of the most influential and successful. They believe she tried to demonize marijuana as an insult to her ex-husband, naming rap moguls when there are others like Seth Rogen, Miley Cyrus and Willie Nelson, who are also marijuana enthusiasts. Her supporters have rejected any allegations of racism, arguing that she listed artists who were at the top of the charts during her reign years ago.

Anyway, the comment didn’t go down well for spears just mentioning black rappers, especially those who aren’t big public promoters of pot culture, with 50 Cent notoriously non-smoking. “Britney Spears using Ludacris, 50 Cent, Jay Z and Puff Daddy to show that the K-Fed is an inappropriate parent is racist and problematic”commented one person on Twitter. “All yt fans looking at their favourites, Britney Spears being casually racist for no reason. Her trauma is no excuse.”someone else typed.

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