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Britney Spears posted a video on her Instagram where we saw her dancing in all kinds of outfits. The inconspicuous film evoked real relief among fans. Internet users have been worried about the star for some time because disturbing photos appeared on her profile.

Britney Spears has millions of fans around the worldwho are keenly interested not only in her artistic career, but also in her private life. The singer is very active on the net and gets her fans used to regular fasts. Recently, however, Internet users became concerned about what appeared in the star’s online gallery. We saw many strange posts in it, including photo of the red refrigerator. In many frames there is also the inscription “RED”, which the fans read as a call for help from the singer and they started asking in the comments if Britney was really okay.

Britney Spears publishes a photo of … a red refrigerator. Fans are worried about the singer’s condition. “Is this an alert? Are you okay?”

Weird posts started to appear on Britney Spears’ Instagram profile. The last one shows a photo of a red refrigerator, and the caption does not explain much. Fans of the star are concerned about her and …

Britney Spears is wheeling, and the fans breathed a sigh of relief

In a recent post, the most liked commentary asks Britney Spears to shoot a movie. This was to prove that the singer is safe and sound and that her posts should not be read as an alert. The star listened to his admirers and published a recording on which she rolls and dresses up in various styles.

I found a cat costume. I didn’t find the mask, but at least I found my body! My friends, rejoice and do what makes you happy – she wrote

In the comments, we could notice how many fans have lost a stone from their hearts. This video got a lot of positive feedback and everyone agrees that is the first star post in a long time to appear true and published by Britney.

The first thing that seems real in a long time!

Yes! Hope you’re okay, Britney

We missed your fashion shows!

Thank God he comes back, you look happier and healthier – we read in the comments

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