Britney Spears is back on Instagram. Frightened fans are speculating! “That’s not her”

Britney Spears, Sam Asghari
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Britney Spears disappeared from Instagram a few days ago. However, she assured fans that everything is fine and she wants to celebrate the engagement in silence. Now he is back! However, Internet users, instead of being happy, have more and more reasons to worry.

Britney Spears recently accepted a proposal from Sam Asghari. A few days later, she unexpectedly disappeared from Instagram. She quickly reassured worried fans by tweeting that everything is fine, she just wants to enjoy her engagement in peace. She also ensured that she would return to social media soon.

Britney Spears is GONE from Instagram! Fans deeply concerned

And as she promised, she did. Britney is back! For fans, this is of course good news, but those who are too suspicious have more and more to worry about. According to some, it was not Britney who returned to Instagram, but someone else. So was someone impersonating a pop princess?

A few shots from the weekend outing for the engagement with my … BRIDE … I still can’t believe it !!!! I couldn’t stay away from Instagram for too long, so I’m back 💍😂🤷🏼‍♀️🤣 !!!!

– She wrote adding two photos.

And it was these two photos that made Internet users suspicious. At the time of the engagement announcement, the star had short hair with red ends, and in the photos posted back on Insta, long blonde hair. Fans noticed that the photos looked identical to those published in February.

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Can you upload more photos? We’re very concerned, Britney

– Internet users wrote.

Britney Spears hasn’t cleared the matter up yet.

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