Britney Spears is back to normal life! Here’s what she did after her father’s decision

Britney Spears
Author: Backgrid / East News

Britney Spears is free! This message flooded the Internet last week. The father of the star has relinquished guardianship, which means that the singer’s return to normal life is fast approaching!

Father Britney Spears resigns. This means that after 13 years, Britney Spears will be able to breathe a sigh of relief and begin to function normally. By guardianship, the star cannot decide not only about his finances, but also about many private matters, such as getting pregnant …

Now everything can change. Satisfied, Britney just after James Spears relinquished her guardianship, she did something she also couldn’t do on her own. Britney got in the car and drove on. Alone!

Britney Spears is FREE! Father relinquished guardianship!

Although for many it may seem obvious that those who have a car and a driving license can get in the car at any time and take a ride, for Spears such an expedition had to be consulted. Most often, however, she walked the streets in the company of other people.

Now, celebrating her return to normalcy, she decided to sit behind the wheel of a Mercedes herself.

Britney is delighted that the conservatory allows her to drive. She is delighted and very grateful for all the help she receives.

The source said.

According to the tabloids, Britney was seen driving around her home for several hours after her father’s decision was announced.


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