Britney Spears: Long Road to Freedom

Britney Spears for months she had been appealing in court to end probation, under which her father exercised control over her personal life and finances. After the announcement of the court decision to end the guardianship, the singer wrote that it was the best day of her life.

In a documentary “Britney vs. Spears” journalist Jenny Eliscu and director Erin Lee Carr delve into Spears’ struggle for freedom by revealing previously unknown interviews and confidential material.

“James Parnell Spears has long been seen as a villain in Britney Spears’ 13-year incapacitation. After the screening of Britney vs. Spears, one may start to wonder if he should be brought to trial. Not as a probation officer, but as a defendant,” she wrote after the premiere of the document, our reviewer Dagmara Romanowska.

“Erin Lee Carr managed to reach, among others, a doctor whose signature appears on the document confirming Spears’ dementia. The director also talks with Sam Lutfi and Adnan Ghalib, who were accused of exerting a bad influence on the artist, even drugging her and wanting to take over We also get to know the residual information about the everyday life of a woman – pocket money of 8,000 dollars (when she earned millions), the need to obtain permission to go out for a hamburger, asking for money to buy books for children … “- writes Dagmara Romanowska.

“Erin Lee Carr’s documentary is probably quite one-sided, it plays more on emotions than it analyzes. It only approximates excerpts from extensive documents and actually brings more questions than answers” – he assesses.

The production is available on the Netflix streaming service.

In 2008, the court incapacitated Britney Spears and appointed her father, Jamie, as probation officer. Document “Who Framed Britney Spears?” depicts not only the high-profile conflict between Britney Spears and her father. Its authors decided to give this matter a broader context.

The footage tells the story of a pop star and her journey to fame – from TV appearances of a girl from a provincial American town to a singer still filling stadiums.

In the document “Who Framed Britney Spears?” there is a strong question of the individual’s right to self-determination. Why, in so many years of Britney’s presence in the play-offs, no one really became interested in the mental health of a young woman who is almost a national good? By what right did the media and show business lead her to a collapse, a nervous breakdown, and how miraculously for so many years Britney was in such a specific legal situation? A situation in which she could not drive a car on her own, marry, see children, or even, and perhaps most of all, decide about her own finances.

The film also introduces the backstage of the #freebritney movement organized by its fans who support her in the fight against her father to regain freedom.

Document “Framing Britney Spears” was prepared by journalists from “The New York Times” and made its debut on the Hulu platform in early February 2021.

The film under the Polish title “Who Framed Britney Spears?” is available in the Canal + offer and on

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