Britney Spears named her boyfriend d ******. Asghari himself reacted

Britney Spears in a peculiar way thanked her boyfriend for his support. The star published a photo together and, without mincing words, turned to Sam Asghari. The latter, in turn, did not delay his reply.

Britney Spears turns to her boyfriend

The media storm around Britney Spears is in full swing. American tabloids outdo each other in reports of the abuses that the star’s father allegedly committed. In turn, the interested person himself resigned from the position of his daughter’s guardian.

Since her career suspended, the only channel of communication between Britney Spears and the outside world has been through social media. It was the non-obvious photos published by the singer that formed the basis of the allegations that the star finally brought against her father.

This time the pop princess decided to turn to her boyfriend. She published a joint photo taken probably in the garden of her estate, which she made a humorous entry.

– That sweet d **** not only he accompanied me through the hardest years of my life, but he is also an exceptionally good cook – wrote the singer. – “Fast and the Furious”, do not miss your next star – she called for the production of the famous series.

Asghari himself not only posted the same photo on his profile, but also decided to answer his beloved. – You’re right. F *** that f *** – he replied.

Britney Spears met her boyfriend in 2016 on the set of the music video for the song “Sulmber Party”. In the recording, the singer is heading in his direction. At that time, a handsome model from Iran was a personal trainer popular among celebrities. Acquaintance with the famous singer made him an Instagram star.

Today, Sam is trying his hand at acting as an actor and has participated in several popular productions, and his Instagram profile is followed by two million website users.

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