Britney Spears prepares for an honest interview with Oprah Winfrey

A lot has happened recently in the life of a popular singer, which is reported by both the media and herself. But it seems that Britney Spears has a lot to tell about her turbulent life, as she is negotiating the terms of an honest interview on television. Not just anyone will question her, because Oprah Winfrey herself.

The incapacitation of Britney Spears has been causing a lot of emotion in the media for months. The singer is fighting in a Los Angeles court to lift the guardianship that her father Jamie Spears has been exercising over her and her estate for 13 years. In the testimony she gave in court in June and July, the pop star accuses him of a number of irregularities and wants him to suffer the consequences.

After one of the hearings, CNN cited the singer – she called her incapacitation “pie *** loym cruelty” and stated that her life was one big set of prohibitions and orders limiting her basic freedom, and gave specific examples. She testified that her diet was strictly controlled, she was forced to work 70 hours a week, she was stuffed with drugs that overwhelmed her. She also told that the probation officer decided about her visits to doctors and forbade the removal of the IUD at the gynecologist to control her fertility. She was not allowed to decide anything, even the smallest, about what color the kitchen in her house would be painted. Britney Spears has repeatedly emphasized that she has felt like a slave for 13 years.

However, it seems Spears hasn’t said it all yet and has more shocking facts to tell. This is indicated by the information given by “The Mirror” that the singer wants to give a television interview to Oprah Winfrey. It is supposed to be an event comparable to that when princes Meghan and Harry sat on the couch at the American journalist’s. “Britney had many requests for an interview but chose Oprah and Oprah and her team are very interested. Britney feels ready to discuss what happened in her life, “said a person around the singer.

According to The Mirror, talks about the interview were sped up by the documentary The New York Times Presents: Controlling Britney Spears, in which a security guard working on behalf of Jamie Spears appears. He revealed that Britney’s father had been controlling his daughter’s phone content, text messages, calls and what pages she visited on the internet for years. According to the security officer, the father kept his daughter under surveillance at every step and in various ways. “It really reminded me of someone in prison,” he said in the film.

A hearing is scheduled for this Wednesday, and Britney Spears’ father may be removed from his position as probation officer. The chances of this are high, because this time not only singer Mathew Rosengart’s lawyer, but also Jamie Spears himself, applied for it. (PAP Life)

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