Britney Spears publishes near-nude photos. Ra and red boots don’t cover much! [FOTO] :: Magazine :: RMF FM

Britney Spears regularly publishes news on her instagram account, which is followed by over 33 million fans from all over the world. Recently, the 39-year-old has swept a virtual gallery of bold frames in an extremely skimpy stylization …

Boots, underwear and …

Britney Spears She has never belonged to the group of artists who are ashamed of exposing her spears. On stage, she did not shy away from provocative stylizations that would reveal her athletic body. Lately The 39-year-old singer decided to tell a bit about her attitude to nudity. On the occasion of the blizzard on the Internet, several photos in which she poses strongly underslung. She is wearing only red boots and white panties, and her naked breasts are covered with a rose flower.

No, I am not having plastic surgery, nor am I pregnant. My breasts look like this because I’ve been eating food lately – admits Britney Spears at the beginning of her chaotic post.

Britney Spears, almost naked, talks about nudity

To her bold photos, Brintey Spears added an extensive entry on her perception of nudity. She admits that for years she tried to adapt to how she should present herself. Now he focuses on himself and his comfort. In his argument, he explains that she poses almost without clothes, because this is how she feels most comfortable, funnel. She was born that way. She also added that she has been feeling much better lately. In the latest publication, she also addressed the fans directly with thanks for so many years of support, referring to the #freebritney movement.

I’ve had a million gigs where I take off my clothes and sometimes I don’t look my best, it was so embarrassing but I felt great! On the one hand, I don’t want anyone to see my pimple on my butt, but on the other hand, the performances on stage made me feel confident and it wasn’t attractive.

Britney Spears showed what she really looks like. The singer surprised the fans: “Sometimes mio is not old”

Britney Spears in a “home” edition? Why not! The artist’s Instagram profile featured frames that surprised her fans. A singer rarely shows up in such a way.

Britney Spears’s father has agreed to relinquish his guardianship. “It’s a great victory”

Breakthrough for Britney Spears. The singer’s father decided to resign from further custody over her panties “for the sake of the daughter’s welfare”. The star’s lawyer considered this decision a great success.

A Backstreet Boys member told about her recent meeting with Britney Spears. “She didn’t know who I was”

Britney Spears’ struggle for release from her father’s tutelage electrifies the whole of America. In the latest show “SiriusXM” Andy Cohen will bring up this topic in an interview with Alexander “AJ” McLean of Backstreet Boys. The musician told about …

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