Britney Spears recalls one of her first performances. “Mom sent it to me”

Britney Spears
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Britney Spears fans still hope that their favorite will come back to music someday. The singer has been absent for several years and does not record any more singles, and her lawyer admitted last year that Britney will not return to creativity until she regains independence. It doesn’t mean, however, that he doesn’t miss performances – that’s how he recalls one of his first performances on stage!

Although today it seems that the times of greatness and the greatest career Britney Spears have passed, fans of the star still believe that the singer will finally return to them in better shape than ever. Britney released her last album Glory in 2016, but since then, many things have happened in her life that prevented the star from returning to music.

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In the spring of 2019 Britney Spears for over three months she was taken to a psychiatric hospital after a nervous breakdown. Since then, the star stays mostly at home, spending time mainly with Alone Asghari. At the same time, the singer is still fighting to lift her father’s guardianship, who has been controlling her for 13 years.

Britney, however, is fed up with a lack of independence, and her lawyer admitted last year that Brit has no plans to return to music unless she regains the right to decide for herself.

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Britney Spears recalls the early days of her career

However, this does not mean that Britney Spears does not miss music. Just look at her Instagram to see dozens of videos of the star dancing in the living room of her own home. Will she ever dance on stage again?

Now the star has shared a video of one of her first performances that her mother sent her.

My mom sent it to me and reminded me that I can sing 🎶😂🙈🎤 !!!! She said, “You never sing again … you have to again !!!!” I have never actually watched this show … it’s definitely a long time !!!! It comes from one of the first trips I did alone … I just remember saying “WOW Singapore” 😍 !!!!!

– she wrote.

Fans in the comments Britney Spears they threw her pleas to return to music.

Do you think Brit will sing again?

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