Britney Spears referred to “Who Framed Britney Spears”

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On Wednesday, the singer spoke for the first time on the documentary “Framing Britney,” which has re-opened discussions about the artist’s mental state, the #FreeBritney movement and her father’s controversial tutelage.

Two months ago, the FX station aired the documentary of the New York Times journalists “Framing Britney Spears” (in Poland, Canal + will show it under the title “Who framed Britney Spears”). The production presented the dark backstage of the singer’s fame and her long-term battle with her father, who in 2008, along with Britney’s deteriorating mental state, ordered the court to supervise his daughter. Here we watch the prodigy of the diamond decade by the media. A loud nervous breakdown from 14 years ago – another reason for public taunts – was decomposed into parts, calling to the board all those who had been feeding on the artist for months (at that time tabloids were writing about Spears’s “Bald and Broken”, and the slogans “Since Britney survived 2007, you can do it too ”). As a result – right after #FreeBritney – the hashtag was created: #WeAreSorryBritney. Justin Timberlake, the former partner of the pop princess, apologized to the singer for turning their breakup into a media campaign, and her father, by a court decision, lost the monopoly on managing his daughter’s finances.

Yesterday, Britney referred to the document for the first time. A post appeared on the artist’s Instagram, in which she noted that although she did not watch the entire film, “the fragments she saw, the way she was presented are embarrassing” – she confessed. “I cried for two weeks and well … I still cry sometimes! I am doing what I can to be happy! ” “My life has always been viewed and commented on. I’ve performed in front of others all my life. It takes a lot of strength to be able to trust the universe when you are so sensitive because I have always been judged, insulted and embarrassed by the media, and I am still today, ”she wrote.

Next to the post, she posted a video from the Hollywood Hills mansion, where she dances to the rhythm of Areosmith’s song “Crazy”. Similar videos are released several times a week on average, because, as he emphasizes, “For my own mental health, I have to dance to Steven Tyler’s music every night to feel alive.”

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