Britney Spears responds to the publication of a nude photo. Fans: This isn’t Britney

Britney Spears has not been able to decide about her life for 13 years. She is under the tutelage of her father, Jamie Spears, who gives her pocket money and manages even the most intimate matters in her life. The singer decided to fight in court to regain control. Unfortunately, nothing has worked out so far, because her guardianship has still not been lifted.

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#FreeBritney. What is the situation of Britney Spears and what is the pop icon fighting?

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Britney Spears doesn’t have an Instagram account, fans say

Britney Spears has been incapacitated for many years. This legal solution is used to protect the elderly, handicapped or extremely ill. Thanks to this, the singer’s father and his helpers-guardians can control, among others. the singer’s medical decisions, her business offers or relationships, as well as when she can see her sons, who can visit her or issue intercourse bans on her behalf. Restrictions also apply to access to the telephone and social media.

Therefore, when Britney Spears recently posted a nude photo on her Instagram, fans immediately noticed that there was no tattoo on the artist’s neck. They began to suspect that it was not her in the photo, but someone impersonating her.

It didn’t take long for a reply. Another entry has appeared on her account, in which the artist reacts sharply.

Ok, so … I erased my tattoo on my neck, because I wanted to see what it would look like without it … I like it better anyway, so instead of talking behind my back – come and kiss me, haters d * poo – we read under the photo.

Fans say a pop princess would never address anyone that way. In their opinion, this post is proof that Britney Spears is not the one who runs the Instagram account.

Britney is never this rude.

This is obviously not Brittany, but keep trying.

This clearly isn’t Britney.

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