Britney Spears. She must not ask these questions

Torbjörn Ek is a Swedish journalist who flew to England a few years ago, where he interviewed Britney Spears. Unfortunately, the conversation turned out to be a flop. The reporter asked the artist if she ever felt overly protected by those around her and the singer’s staff immediately interrupted the interview.

What can’t Britney Spears ask?

Britney Spears has been under guardianship for over 13 years, which means she cannot decide on her own career, assets and even private life. The singer fights in court to regain her freedom, but it turns out that not only she was restricted. Journalists who met the star for an interview received a list of prohibited topics. What is not allowed to ask Britney?

As Torbjörn Ek revealed, Spears could not ask about the events of 2007, when the singer caused a scandal by shaving her head, and about Chris Crocker’s “Leave Britney Alone” video, which urges the media to leave the artist alone. He was also forbidden to raise the topic of the tabloid’s interest in the life of the star and to ask about its future.

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