Britney Spears showed a giant Christmas tree. It makes an impression

Britney Spears will finally be able to have a happy Christmas. The star has already started to prepare her home for this occasion. See what her Christmas tree looks like.

Britney Spears she did not have a peaceful childhood. From an early age she was dragged by her mother after various singing competitions. After some time, she managed to get involved in Mickey Mouse Club. It was there that she met her future partner Justin Timberlake, and Christina Aguilera. A few years later it happened real boom. She debuted with a single …Baby one more timewhich opened the door to her further career. In the music video, underage Spears paraded in a provocative school uniform. It was the end of the 1990s, when sexuality was much more of a taboo subject.

Unfortunately, the tremendous success affected her mental health. Her every step was followed by both paparazzi and random people who recognized her. 2007 Britney had a public nervous breakdown. One night she barricaded herself in the bathroom with her children. The family called the police and an ambulance, and Spears was taken to a mental hospital. The helicopter flying over the ambulance and photojournalists broadcast the whole situation live.

After some time, the star left the hospital, but nothing was as it used to be. The artist lost all rights to herself and her own children. It was her father who took care of her for 13 years. As it turned out later, there were abuses of power on his part. He made Britney go on tour in exchange for seeing the kids. He blackmailed her and used psychological violence. When the case was publicized first by fans and then by the media, the court decided to take another look at it.

Britney Spears is now free

Another hearing was held on November 12. Britney’s Attorney, Mathew Rosengart applied to the court for the termination of probation without a medical assessment. To everyone’s surprise, neither party raised objections on this point. Thus, the tutelage was terminated. The crowds gathered in front of the court shouted with joy. The singer shared one of the recordings and thanked them for their help:

Good God, I love my fans, it’s crazy. I have the feeling that I will cry until the end of this day. The best day of my life.

Britney Spears unveiled the Christmas tree for Christmas 2021

The star seems to be returning to normal life. A few days ago, she informed that she was planning a wedding and that she would design a dress for the occasion herself Donatella Versace. Britney also does not hide that she would like to enlarge her family – she dreams of her third child. We would like to remind you that it has not been possible until now, because the singer’s father forced her to wear an IUD. Currently, the 39-year-old is enjoying life and looks clearly happy.

The end of November is the time when preparations for Christmas begin in many homes. The artist also decorates her villa for this event.

Britney bragged about her giant Christmas tree, which was placed in the middle of the living room. The tree is so big that its tip reaches the second floor. The star announced that she finally changed the ornaments from pink to red.

How do you like the Britney Spears Christmas tree and its styles?


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