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Britney Spears surprised her fans and posted an archive photo with her sons. The star told how she found herself as a very young mother. Internet users are delighted with the photo and showered the singer with lots of compliments.

Britney Spears’ Instagram account has generated a lot of controversy recently. Fans are not sure if the singer has full control over him and suspect that her father or other third parties are responsible for at least some of the posts. After a series of almost identical photos Britney Spears surprised Internet users by publishing an archival shot where we can see her in the pool with her sons Jayden and Sean.

In the signature the singer revealed that she found herself great in the role of a mother, despite the fact that she became one at a very young age. She confessed that foreign children also always fell in love with her when she visited the pool with her sons.

I had my children very young … in all the swimming pools we used to go on excursions, all the children came to me because I always brought the most toys – she wrote

Fan reaction

Internet users are delighted with both the photography and the fact that Britney has finally published a longer post that sounds authentic. There were many warm words in countless comments, fans unanimously argue that the star is a fantastic mom. There were also many words of support for Britney’s struggle to become independent from her father.

You are an amazing mother! I know your children love you most in the world

You are doing a great job! You are an amazing person with a huge burden on your shoulders. Keep on fighting!

You are a wonderful mum to Britney!

Don’t forget that we are your children too, we love you!

This picture is fantastic – Internet users write

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