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Britney Spears posted new photos on her profiles. She surprised her loyal fans once again. Internet users wonder what she meant.

An expert in life matters

Britney Spears eagerly spoke on various topics during the fight to regain freedom and shortly after winning it. At times, her observations seemed quite interesting and correct. However, the artist very often used quite shocking ways of expressing opinions.

Thinking about the future?

The princess of pop is talking more and more about her plans for the future. She also mentions being accountable to her family for all the harm she has suffered over the course of 13 years incapacitation. Britney stated in a comment:

The second photo is original and you hear me … should I say it again ?????? […]

What about the photo?

In the new photos, Britney poses in a skimpy bodysuit. Black and burgundy lace outfit hugs her skin. The star’s hair is loose. It presents two photographs, apparently before and after processing. Thus, I show the fans a kind of truth about myself.

Fan interpretation?

The stars are often accused of actually looking completely different than in the photos presented. Britney suggests that no one will tell her what to think. Many fans believe that this is how Spears is once again taking up a fight with his family. Britney is often accused of suddenly showing “stripped” photographs. However, looking at her photo sessions before incapacitation, it can be said that even then she showed herself in many bold stylizations.

Britney Spears announced the lucky news to fans: “I wonder if it’s gonna be a girl”

Britney Spears has regained control of her life. For years, the star thought about another marriage and a child. However, she could not decide about herself, even in the aspect of private life. Now…

Britney Spears in bedroom photos! Does he express himself with nakedness ?! “The Queen has spoken” [ZDJĘCIA]

After the change of curator, Britney Spears is more and more willing to express her bold opinions. You can see that the star feels at ease. The singer showed a shocking photo.

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