Britney Spears slammed in the bathroom. A strange story

Britney Spears has been surprising sharply with material in her social media over the last several days. The singer on Instagram not only pointed out her family’s mistakes, but also added quite strong entries aimed at fans and a few topless photos. This is quite a big change, considering that so far the photographs have only decorated conservative situations in which the singer danced or painted pictures.

Now the pop princess has told a story that happened in the middle of the night in her house. The singer told everything down to the smallest detail, and her “companion” was … old coffee. It was the cup with stale coffee that distracted the artist when she wanted to wash her face in the bathroom. Within seconds, she realized that the door had simply slammed shut. Her boyfriend was fast asleep and she had to scream four times to wake him up.

When Sam Asghari arrived at the bathroom door, he found he couldn’t quite manage to open it. Apparently security was sleeping at the same time. In the end, however, one of the gentlemen who cares about the artist’s safety, who freed the star, was awakened. And in a fit of panic, she drank a cup of old coffee.

The bizarre story, of course, caused a great deal of confusion on the web. Some fans say the whole story is a curatorial metaphor that continues to block it and that she cannot make any decisions herself. Others are worried that the artist’s mental health is deteriorating significantly, which is why she writes such nonsense on social media. Or maybe Britney Spears just wanted to share a story that seemed extremely funny to her?

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