Britney Spears’ son in the latest photos beyond recognition. He’s almost an adult boy. Poses with the sweethearts

Britney Spears has two sons – Jayden and Sean Federline. The singer shows them very rarely – in one of such photos from March this year, you can see boys with their mother, but their faces are half covered by masks. We got to newer shots of one of them – he poses with his beloved in an elegant style. He no longer looks like the boy we saw in old media-borne photos.

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Britney Spears’ son has a girlfriend

Jayden Federline, because we are talking about him, is the younger son of Britney Spears. The boy is currently 15 years old. Last year he became famous with a live stream on Instagram, during which he told that his grandfather, Jamie Spears, was destroying his daughter’s life. The boy also admitted that he tried many times to help his mother, but never did anything. After this incident, his account on the social network was blocked. All posts have also disappeared. It is said that Jamie Spears, who intervened in the case after the publication of a controversial live by his grandson, is involved.

Since then, it was not known what the boy’s life was like. However, we got to the photos of his girlfriend on Instagram. Savannah Nicholson, because that’s her name, has a linked Spears son’s profile with a heart inscribed in her bio, but the account is private.

Profile of Britney Spears son's girlfriendProfile of Britney Spears son’s girlfriend instagram

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On her account we can see photos with Jayden. These two pose in elegant outfits – just as if they were going to a prom. The boy has long, curly hair and no longer looks like the boy we saw in the photos from years ago.

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