Britney Spears’ sons. This is what Sean and Jayden look like. Photos, age

Although her past is a series of failures and traumatic experiences, it is difficult to deny her the name of a loving mother who has done her hardest life lessons very well. Britney Spears had two sons: Sean Preston and Jayden James, the fruit of her turbulent relationship with Kevin Federlin. The photos with them, which she posts on the Internet, always evoke the euphoria of fans of the princess of pop. There is no trace of these sweet babies. See how they have changed!

Britney Spears – what kind of mother is she?

Her shaved head after a nervous breakdown and drug abuse was reported by all the media in 2007. The toxic relationship with Kevin Federlin, the high-profile divorce, the enormous stress associated with the performances, the constant pressure from fans, as well as harassment by the paparazzi put Britney Spears on the verge of endurance in February 2008. She had to go to rehab and lost her parental rights.

It is true that she managed to stand on her feet, but for the pop princess it was undoubtedly a huge effort. It paid off: over the following years, she not only impressed with her great form and perfect figure, but also aroused admiration when she posted tender photos with her sons on the web. She always spends every free moment with boys, takes them on exotic holidays and to amusement parks. First of all, she tries to compensate for how much they had to suffer as children: many times they stayed with their father (especially the older one), who at that time had lavish parties with his friends, had to deal with the overwhelming media attention from the moment of birth, and Britney was unable to provide them with the care they needed. Fortunately, these sad moments are a thing of the past …

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Britney Spears’ sons. What do they look like now?

Boys rarely show up on social networks, but as it turned out, it’s their choice. Britney Spears under one of the joint photos with her sons emphasized that Sean Preston and Jayden James simply do not like excessive interest, and also noticed that time flies very quickly.

According to insiders, the sons of the pop princess have a great relationship with her and love her very much. Although they live with their father permanently, they do not have a specific schedule of meetings. They were also aware of the #FreeBritney campaign all the time and cheered their mother in the “fight” with the grandfather, with whom they both did not get along.

Britney Spears has been under the care of her father Jamie for many years, who incapacitated her. The singer could not make any – even the simplest – decisions, she had no access to money, she could not give interviews … Several trials awaited her in court to regain full control over her life. She finally succeeded.

In March, a joint photo with the sons appeared on the star’s Instagram. “It is difficult for any mum who sees how children grow up quickly. I am very lucky because my boys are real gentlemen, so I had to do something right and raise them nicely, ”she wrote. “I haven’t posted photos of them for a while because they’ve reached the age where they want to express their own identity, and I fully understand it. But I did everything in my power to do this reworked artwork, they finally let me publish it, “added the artist.

Check out what the sons of Britney Spears look like now. Sean is 16 and Jayden recently turned 15. Similar to the famous mom?

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