Britney Spears took the floor on probation. “Things are better”

  • Britney Spears made a short video in which she satisfied fans’ curiosity about what she was doing after revealing the truth about her tutelage. She assured that she did not expect the direction in which her situation would develop
  • The artist answered a few questions that were asked of her while she was under her father’s care. However, instead of reassuring the audience, she shared quite enigmatic confessions
  • “I must say I would choose the real occasion,” she indicated when asked about … the favorite shape of the crisps
  • One response made fans clearly understand what Britney Spears is feeling right now. It’s about the title of her favorite song by another artist
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Britney Spears she is still under the constant care of her father, and for several months the case of her incapacitation has aroused exceptional emotions in the media. They do not give way with the action # UwolnićBritney, and further trials are underway in the court regarding the situation of the artist. Recently, a singer after 13 years of silence she described in courtwhat her current life is like and how her relatives block her from making any decisions.

Even before the trial, Britney Spears posted quite enigmatic posts on Instagram, which fans perceived as messages with a hidden message. For some time now, the artist’s posts have been more unambiguous, although recently quite ambiguous, not fully understandable recordings have appeared on her board again.. So it was this time.

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Britney Spears took the floor on probation. “Things are better”

Britney Spears recorded a short message for fans to know how she is doing now. She assured her that her current situation was quite good.

I’m sure many people wonder how I have been since the awl came out of the bag. After all, you all know what situation I am in, “she said. She added:

She then announced to fans that “she will answer the questions they asked her during this whole curated drama“To the surprise of many listeners, instead of describing what is happening to her or whether she feels safe under her father’s care, Britney Spears praised … which fashion brand she appreciates the most. She said:

Of course, this answer, as well as subsequent statements, probably have some hidden message, followed by Britney Spears fans. While the confession of a favorite clothing store can be very difficult to interpret, it is much easier to decipher the star’s next answer.

The artist mentioned her favorite song Miley Cyrus. This “We Can’t Stop“which when translated into Polish means”We will not stop“This can be taken as an allusion to her current situation and the great support Britney Spears is receiving from fans eager to regain her full freedom.

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Later, she indicated which chips of a well-known brand prefer – baked. baked potato chip) or traditional regular potato chip). She replied:

The singer also pointed to the most delicious scent of perfume. She pointed to the vanilla.

Kuratela Britney Spears – what is it?

Britney Spears separated in 2006 from her husband, Kevin Federline. The singer paid for the court battle for custody of children with a nervous breakdown, as well as with serious problems with addiction. A few months after falling into addiction, she went to the rehabilitation clinic “Eric Clapton’s Crossroads Center”, but after a few hours she left the facility, and then went to her ex-husband’s house to see the children. The man, however, did not allow her to see. It was then that she went to the hairdressing salon where she was in her nerves she grabbed the razor and shaved her head bald. Soon a group of several dozen (!) Paparazzi appeared on the spot, who started taking pictures of her and inciting her to get angry. It was then that she destroyed the car of one of the street photographers with an umbrella. The photos went around the world.

Ultimately, a court in 2008 placed a guardianship on Britney Spearsand the full care of the artist was entrusted to her father, James Spears, and a lawyer Andrew Wallet. In January 2019, Britney Spears’ father suspended guardianship due to his health problems, and the duties were temporarily taken over by the artist’s mother, Lynne Irene Bridgesand then the manager Jodi Montgomery. In March 2019, Wallet relinquished his custody of the star, Since then, full control over it has been exercised by James Spears.

In August 2020, the star applied to the court to change the rules of guardianship and remove her father from the role of the person managing her property. She lost the case, though the court acceded to another request of the star – the financial company Bessemer Trust became the trustee of Spears’ assets.

The case caused outrage among fans of Britney Spears, who has been running the #FreeBritney campaign on social media for several months. Fans of “pop princess” look for hidden messages in videos and photos added by their idol on Instagram.

In June 2021, Britney Spears was brought to trial and shared her story for the first time in years. The content of her testimony was made public, and what she said saddened Internet users all over the world. She said:

I am not happy, I cannot sleep. I am depressed and cry every day … I wish it all would end. I want my life back. (…) The media was great at screening my fortunes so I wanted everyone to hear what I had to say. A lot has happened in the last two years … I feel that during my last visit to the court I was not heard, “she said.

“I want this to end and my boyfriend can drive me in his own car. And honestly? I want to be able to sue my own family. (…) I have done nothing to justify such treatment. Forcing me to do what I don’t want is not fair. This tutelage is violent. There are thousands of similar cases … They need to be reminded that they work for me “- she added.

“Probation officers do not let me go to the doctor and take her out. I feel cornered. I feel harassed and left to myself. I wish I could get married and have a child. I have been told that due to guardianship I cannot do this“- she revealed.

Britney Spears also revealed that she was forced by her father to work with a 40-degree fever. She added that when she expressed dissatisfaction with, for example, poor stage choreography, she was stuffed with medication. She said in front of the court:

“I couldn’t even talk to my father or mother … I was afraid. I’m not here as someone else’s slave. I can object if I don’t like the dance routine “- she noted.

You can listen to an excerpt from Britney Spears’ testimony below:

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