Britney Spears under tutelage. The singer’s entourage receives death threats

Britney Spears’s father, James Spears, who manages the singer’s estate, has refused to agree to charge her account with 24/7 security for Jodi Montgomery, her daughter’s curator. He and his family members are also receiving threats, he explained.

Britney Spears was legally incapacitated in 2008 due to mental difficulties and a nervous breakdown. James (“Jamie”) Spears, the singer’s father, manages her estate. He has now filed documents with the court stating that he and other family members receive death threats in connection with a 13-year trial of probation.

Britney Spears’ father refuses to pay Jodi Montgomery’s protection

According to CNN News, information about Spears’ request came after co-curator Jodi Montgomery asked the singer’s father to grant her 24-hour protection on Wednesday. Montgomery explained this with “the increase in the number of increasingly serious threats” on social networks, in text messages and in telephone calls.

According to documents obtained by CNN News, round-the-clock protection of a woman would cost more than $ 50,000 a month, and Britney Spears’ assets would be charged with it indefinitely.

James Spears, who controls his daughter’s fortune, worth some $ 60 million, objected to Montgomery’s request. According to the documents, the singer’s father claims that “he has also been the target of countless and continuous threats, not only recently, but over the years.”

Britney Spears’ court-appointed attorney Samuel Ingham Jr., who resigned in early July from his position in early July, was also said to have received “threatening messages” according to documents filed in court, including two voicemails that included two voicemails last weekend alone. serious threats. ” CNN News has not received responses from Ingham to questions about the threats.

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James Spears: Montgomery should pay for her protection herself

Documents submitted by Spears contain information that other members of his family also received threats. Among other things, their addressee was Britney’s younger sister – actress Jamie Lynn Spears.

“If the court upholds the party’s request, it is expected that Ms Montgomery will not be the only person to request additional protection, paid for from the property of the person under guardianship,” reads the document quoted by Deadline.

“It is not appropriate to put Mr. Spears in a situation where he would decide who among the many people associated with guardianship would be granted protection consent, at the expense of which the property of the person under guardianship would be encumbered” – wrote the documents. “Ms Montgomery, who is a professional probation officer, should pay for her protection herself, as a cost included in her profession,” he added.

The issue of protection for Montgomery will be raised at a next hearing on July 14. At the same time, the application of Britney Spears’ mother, who demands that her daughter be granted the right to choose her own lawyer, will be examined.

Britney Spears under her father’s supervision

In January 2008, due to mental difficulties and a nervous breakdown, Britney Spears was legally incapacitated and custody of her father James and lawyer Andrew Wallet. The latter resigned in March 2019. Since then, James Spears was the sole official manager of the singer’s estate, with the right to influence decisions related to her private life. However, he relinquished the latter right in favor of Jodi Montgomery.

In August last year, the singer filed a motion in an American court to change the rules of guardianship and take away her father’s role as manager of her estate. The court rejected the application in November. At the hearing, Britney Spears’s lawyer argued that the artist was “afraid” of her father and would not perform as long as he was in charge of her. James Spears’s lawyer argued that his client had always acted in his daughter’s best interests.

On June 23, Britney Spears made her first non-classified testimony. – I feel like everyone is allied against me, I feel intimidated, ignored and alone. I am tired of loneliness – the singer read from the note. She criticized the way the family, including Spears’ father, controlled her. She complained that her family “did nothing to hell” to help her. – A father loves the control he is given to harm his own daughter. I was working seven days a week, it was like sex traffic. I didn’t have a credit card, cash or passport. All I want today is to get my money and that it will end once and for all – she emphasized.

On July 1, a higher court in Los Angeles dismissed Britney Spears’s request to take away her father’s custody of her estate. CNN noted that the court’s decision was related to the November application, not the case in which the singer testified at the end of June. The judge examining the case emphasized – despite the rejection of the artist’s application – that she would consider future requests for his removal or removal from the role of curator. In addition, the court partially granted Britney Spears’ request – for the Bessemer Trust financial company to be a trustee for her finances – and made the company co-curator of the pop star.

The singer’s health problems

The singer’s health problems began in 2006, when she separated from her husband, dancer Kevin Federlin, with whom she then led a court battle for custody of her two sons. After a series of disturbing behaviors and a complete loss of custody of children, Spears was admitted to a psychiatric ward in early 2008. Then a court in Los Angeles incapacitated her. In the following years, the health problems recurred. Spears was last admitted to a psychiatric clinic early last year.

Since 2016, the singer has been associated with Sam Asghari, a 13 years younger model, dancer and personal trainer.

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