Britney Spears will fight for freedom with nudity? It shows a lot in THESE photos

The absolute number one topic in recent weeks has been Britney Spears. The star is at a turning point in the fight for freedom. She has a rather peculiar battle on Instagram … Britney Spears publishes a lot of nude photos. This is how he wants to get rid of guardianship?

A lot has happened in Britney Spears’ life lately. The star has been under the legal tutelage of her father for 13 years. It was Jamie Spears who decided every aspect of her life. This year, the irregularities he allegedly committed began to come to light. Britney Spears herself said in court that she wanted her life back.

For years, the star has asked for her father to be removed from guardianship. When the law broke down, Britney Spears started her own battle, on Instagram …


Britney Spears after defeating her father: “I still have a lot to do”

Britney Spears will fight for freedom with nudity?

Britney Spears’ Instagram has always aroused emotions. Supporters of the #FreeBritney movement have long believed that someone controls the singer’s profile. Some “her” entries were, to put it mildly … disturbing.

However, for several months now, it seems Britney Spears has taken over her profile. The star decided to fight the guardian in her own style.

Britney Spears publishes nude photos! He uploads a lot of photos from the topless session, poses in a thong in the mirror and adds a report from the holiday, where he flaps in the water without a bra.

By freeing your body of clothes, will you also free yourself from tutelage?

Britney Spears ends her career ?! He wants to enjoy freedom, not work

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