Britney Spears will finally be free? A very important phrase about the star

Britney Spears getting closer to freedom? The singer, incapacitated for 13 years, has recently hired a new lawyer who wants to help her free herself from her father’s authority as soon as possible. The attorney has just filed a motion to immediately remove Jamie Spears from his role as curator of the star.

Britney Spears fights for freedom. A newly hired lawyer is to help her return to normalcy. Mathew Rosengart announced that he would do anything to remove Jamie Spears.

The lawyer was not lying. A motion has just been filed with the court in which the singer asks for her father to be removed from the curator’s role immediately.

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Britney Spears to be released? A motion for immediate removal of the father from probation in court

Britney Spears has a great chance of freeing herself from her father’s power after 13 years. Thanks to the employment of a new lawyer, Mathew Rosengart, who previously represented many Hollywood stars (including Ben Affleck and Steven Spielberg), the court case of the incapacitated singer gained momentum.

According to the American media, the lawyer does not waste time and tries to help Britney Spears as soon as possible, who has already publicly spoken several times about the abuses committed by her own father.

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He has just been brought to court official request to oust Jamie Spears immediately. Rosengart also asked the judge for change of the date of the next hearing (currently scheduled for September 29) and acceleration of the proceedings. A Britney Spears representative suggested August 23 or earlier.

Every day matters – wrote Rosengart in the application.

Britney Spears’s father responds to the solicitor’s request

Jamie Spears responded to the request of Britney Spears’s attorney. Although the lawyer has repeatedly encouraged him to voluntarily resign from the post of probation officer, the singer’s father has no intention of giving up and stepping down despite the dramatic testimony of his own daughter.

A 69-year-old man considers Mathew Rosengart’s latest conclusion to be unfounded. At the moment, it is not known when and how the court will respond to the singer’s request to speed up the court proceedings.

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