Britney Spears will finally get the ring? Sam Asghari caught at the jeweler!

Britney Spears and Sam Asghari
Author: Jen Lowery / News

Britney Spears will finally get an engagement ring to Sam Asghari? There are many indications of this. Foreign media caught Britney’s boyfriend at a jeweler. According to sources, he was choosing a ring …

Britney Spears does not come off foreign warehouses. The star has been closely watched by the media and, of course, fans since she began to courageously fight for her freedom. Some foreign websites claim that things are slowly starting to fall, not only in connection with regaining freedom and freeing oneself from a possessive father, but also when it comes to more private matters.

Some time ago, tabloids reported that Sam Asghari was planning to propose to his beloved. Apparently, he even suggested to the media that he did it a long time ago. Not only that, he even told them that he and Spears had been married for years …

Britney Spears’ boyfriend comments on the engagement: “We have been MARRIAGE for five years …

Thanks to this situation, fans learned that Britney’s boyfriend has a great sense of humor. But now I guess he took things seriously. Foreign media reports that Sam was caught at a jeweler while choosing jewelry. Journalists say Asghari was considering the choice of a ring.


Could Britney soon be putting on an engagement ring on her finger?

Britney Spears and Sam Asghari they have been a couple for several years. The artist’s boyfriend supports her a lot during her fight with her possessive father. Earlier, Britney said she was ready to start a family.

Do you think the singer will soon show off the ring?

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