Britney Spears Will Finally Speak in Court After 13 Years of Guardianship!

Britney Spears might just say goodbye to her tutelage. Indeed, the singer will finally be able to speak before a judge this Wednesday, June 23.

Britney Spears is expected to speak out about her 2008 guardianship. In order to regain his freedom.


Britney Spears continues to share moments of life on her Instagram account. But in recent years, his videos and photos have become more and more disturbing.

Indeed, the singer multiplies the dance performances, not very well executed. And this always with the same shot, with the camera high up in his dark eyes.

In these videos, the interpreter of Baby One More Time seems to have fun but his fans quickly saw calls for help in some of them. This is what the shocking documentary Amazon Prime Video Framing Britney Spears evokes.

Produced by the New York Times, the documentary is based on an investigation by the newspaper. Thus he takes a fresh look at the affair that has fascinated the American for years.

From the start of the singer’s career to her descent into hell, through the birth of her children, everything is there. Moreover, the hearing of the Spears family of September 2020 to end the guardianship of Britney is also mentioned.

This legal battle dates back to 2008, the singer was only 27 when she was put under guardianship. From that moment on, she is therefore prohibited from managing her own career, her property. In short, his whole life.

But Framing Britney Spears is not just about that, the Amazon Prime Video documentary also talks about the sexism and violence present in showbiz. And this long before the birth of the #MeToo movement.


After 13 years of guardianship, Britney Spears can finally speak up to defend herself. And thus, take back his life in hand. Good news for her and for her fans who want at all costs to see her on stage again.

Indeed, because since January 2019, the pop star has not returned to the stage. She is said to have canceled her residence in Las Vegas to take care of her ailing father, Jamie Spears. The same person who put her under guardianship.

The singer’s father almost died, so that’s why she gave up everything to be with him. The latter spent almost a month in the hospital following a ruptured colon according to the People website.

With the approach of its 40 years, the interpreter of Toxic could recover a little of its freedom. After having farted a huge cable in 2007, shaving her head under the eye of the paparazzi, Britney Spears will perhaps move on.

The singer could denounce the strict rules of his placing under guardianship in court. A struggle that she has been waging for a long time according to the New York Times, since 2016 according to a judicial report.

One thing is certain, her fans can’t wait for her to finally be freed from this legal weight. Just like her darling Sam Asghari who violently attacked Jamie Spears in February 2021.

Indeed, the one who shares the life of the singer did not hesitate to break sugar on the one who directed the life of his daughter. So he wrote in an Instagram story: “I think Jamie is a real asshole”.

For four years, the star has been in perfect love with the sports coach. A romantic trip, a declaration of love, and a stroll around the world. In short, she seems fulfilled by his side.

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