Britney Spears will not stand trial for allegedly beating up a host …

In mid-August, one of the employees working in the care of Britney Spears’ home reported to police that she had been hit by a pop star. In reaction, the singer’s lawyer stated that there was only a quarrel between Britney and the housekeeper, but the blows did not take place. The prosecutor’s office complied with the version of the events presented by the singer’s lawyer and closed the case.

The prosecutor dropped the indictment against Britney Spears on the grounds that her decision was not sufficient to prove that the crime had been committed and that the housekeeper who reported the beating had no bodily injuries. The singer was accused by her employee of knocking the phone out of her hand during the row, hitting her and damaging the casing of the device.

When this case surfaced in the media, a person from the celebrity’s entourage reported the whole incident in an interview with People: “The housekeeper was holding her phone and Britney was trying to take it out of her hands. It was an ordinary quarrel and really only for a phone call “- said the portal’s informant. “This is bloated, sensational breeding ground for tabloids. (…) Nobody hit anyone, there were of course no injuries. Anyone can report to the police, but this case should be closed immediately, ”explained the singer’s lawyer Mathew Rosengart.

The offense officer, Blake Heller, who analyzed the housekeeper’s report and the prosecutor’s office using its report, also did not find signs of the crime. “Ventura County District Attorney’s Office has formally rejected the allegation against Britney Spears, which the sheriff’s department itself found to be + very minor + or + extremely minor + incident,” singer Mathew Rosengart’s attorney commented on the decision to People.

The closure of the case is good news for the singer, who has been fighting a court battle for months to end her incapacitation and to remove her father from the post of her probation officer as soon as possible. The case of the beating would put her in a bad light, and yet another trial concerning the guardianship over the star and its property is approaching fast. According to the American media, it is to be held on September 29. (PAP Life)

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