Britney Spears with a great victory. But her father hasn’t officially quit yet

Britney Spears gave an emotional speech in court a few weeks ago, during which she told about the horror of the 13-year guardianship. The singer’s father initially made a strong stand against these accusations, but now he has made concessions. Jamie Lynn Spears has just announced his resignation.

The whole world has been closely watching Britney Spears’ struggle for freedom for many years. For a long time it seemed that the celebrity would never free herself from the guardianship of her legal guardians and would not be able to decide for herself. The situation changed in late June, however, when Spears himself appeared at the hearing and delivered an emotional speech to the court and the general public. She portrayed her father as her main enemy, although for two years she has not been dealing with the singer’s personal affairs on paper for two years. In theory, he only cares about her finances, and that’s what he tried to prove his innocence.

Britney Spears, however, did not give up in her efforts to remove Jamie Spears from guardianship. The star also changed the lawyer along the way, because her previous team of lawyers was usually ready to fail before even a single blow was struck. The recently hired Mathew Rosengart is much more militant and, according to Variety, he is believed to be the driving force behind Britney Spears’ latest victory. Vocal fans should keep their fingers crossed for him, because the war for guardianship is still far from over.

Britney Spears’ father promised to resign from guardianship, but did not give any details.

Late Thursday night Jamie Lynn Spears sent his reply to the Los Angeles Supreme Court to the suspension petition. In it, he announced his complete resignation from participation in incapacitating his daughter. He promised to cooperate with the court on his removal, but did not give any specific dates. Jamie Spears and his lawyers say he needs to sort things out first. They also swear the innocence of the star’s father and talk about the wave of hate that fell on him.

The thing is, Spears can make similar promises and promises for months or years. He himself claims that there is no need to immediately deprive him of his custody over his daughter. Therefore, Mathew Rosengart announces the intention to remove his client’s father under oath. He also continues to investigate the various legal abuses of the star’s guardians during the 13 years of guardianship. So this is only the first battle won in a long and not easy war. Fortunately, it looks like Britney Spears is determined to carry on until her final victory.

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