Britney Spears’s book coming next year? The star asks fans for help. Nice KPINA!

The life of Britney Spears is good material for a script or… a book. Will the latter become a fact soon? This can be deduced from Britney’s post, but before you start enjoying yourself, read on!

On Instagram Britney Spears in one of the posts she revealed that she is thinking about writing a book. It cannot be denied that writing down all the details of the singer’s life would certainly be a hit.

The star, who has been under the tutelage of her possessive father for over 13 years, could certainly shock the public opinion more than once. Already her testimony before the court was dizzying. During her father’s tutelage, Britney could not decide not only about professional but also private matters!

Free Britney Spears will fight for full custody of children?

Will he sink his father even more soon? This is not known, although Britney revealed on Instagram that she plans to publish a book, it is rather a mockery on her part towards her sister who recently published the book.

In the publication, Jamie Lynn Spears told, inter alia, about your mental health and about living in the shadow of a famous sister.

I also have great news… I’m thinking of releasing the book next year.

– she wrote, adding that she therefore has a request to the fans.

But I’m having trouble coming up with a title so maybe my fans could help !!!!

Option # 1 “Shit, I really don’t know

Option 2 “I really care what people say. What do you think?

Nice mockery, isn’t it?

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