Britney Spears’s father resigns from guardianship. The first success of the star!

In June this year Britney Spears decided to put everything on one card and was brought to trial. The star argued that her father’s tutelage, which had been going on for years, was destroying her mental and physical health. The singer revealed that her father, Jamie Spears, not only hinders her access to gynecological care, but also prevents her from getting pregnant, controls all expenses and mismanages huge assets ($ 2.7 million in cash and $ 56 million in non-cash assets). In the singer’s earlier testimony, there were also allegations of intoxicating her with drugs and forcing her to work beyond strength, even when she was seriously ill and literally barely kept on her feet.

On the recordings of the case, you can hear that Britney’s voice is confident and decisive, and her statements are logical. It therefore contradicts the father’s assurances that his daughter still requires this care and the rumors about her mental health problems.

In July of this year, Los Angeles harness judge Brenda Penny allowed Spears to hire her own lawyer, Mathew Rosengart. He is a well-known celebrity lawyer who has already cooperated with, among others with actors such as Ben Affleck and Steven Spielberg. At the beginning of August, Rosengart filed a motion to remove Britney’s father from the role of curator before September 29, the day on which the singer’s next trial is to be held.

According to the latest information, Britney Spears has already achieved her first success – Jamie Spears has decided to step down as his daughter’s probation officer. Jamie’s lawyer reveals in new documents that his client is already tired of being “a constant target of unjustified attacks” by Britney supporters and members of his own family.

In the statement, however, it can be read that there are really no grounds for removing Spears from the function of probation officer, and his decision to resign is dictated by the fact that he does not believe that a public battle with his daughter can do him any good. So Spears intends to work with the court and her daughter’s attorney.

“We’re pleased, but not necessarily surprised, that Mr. Spears and his lawyer finally decided he needed to be removed.” However, we are disappointed by their continued shameful and shameful attacks on Mrs. Spears and others. We are waiting for the continuation of our investigation into the conduct of Mr. Spears and others over the past 13 years – replied the singer’s lawyer.

Britney Spears can count on the support of fans from all over the world. Her ex-boyfriend also sent her many warm words, Justin Timberlake, who wrote:

– After what we saw today, we should all support Britney. Regardless of our past, good and bad, and no matter how long ago it was… what’s happening to her is just not right. No woman should ever be barred from making decisions about her own body, he wrote. No one should ever be forced to do something like this … or have to ask permission to access anything they’ve worked so hard for. Jess and I send our love and our absolute support to Britney during this hard time. We hope that the court and her family will fix it and let her live as she wants, ‘added Justin Timberlake.

The star was also supported by friends from the industry such as Christina Aguilera, Mariah Carey or Cher.

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