Britney Spears’s sister says she “helped her get free”!

Jamie Lynn Spears says his love for Britney is broken in a broken voice

The relationship between Jamie Lynn Spears and her famous older sister has deteriorated significantly in recent times. According to Britney, the younger sister “lived on her money” and did not support her during the guardianship placed on her. The cup of bitterness overflowed at the end of last year, when Brit publicly expressed regret to her sister, and a moment later decided to stop following her on Instagram. Jamie Lynn is giving an interview for the first time on this subject.

“I love my sister”

The fact that the younger sister of the famous singer is being interviewed right now is not accidental. In a month, her book in which she wrote down her memories will be available for sale. As you can imagine, much of her 30-year life will be based on a close relationship with Britney Spears, and this is the part that interests potential readers the most.

Britney Spears is removing her sister from Instagram

Jamie Lynn Spears appeared in the studio of the famous American breakfast snack – Good Morning America. She was immediately asked what she felt when her sister’s guardianship was removed from their father.

“I was glad. First of all, I wanted to point out that I don’t understand when it was introduced at all, I was 17 at the time and I was about to have a baby,” she told GMA in an excited voice. I was focusing on that I was 17 and pregnant, and I understood as little of it back then as I do now. “

Britney Spears’ tutelage lasted 12 years. At that time, the singer was completely submitted to the will of their father, who fully managed her and her estate. According to Britney, the tutelage resulted in a complete inability to decide about himself.

Britney Spears’ lawyer calls her father “gross”

In the course of the legal proceedings, Britney has spoken out repeatedly against her family, including her sister. When she testified in June 2021, she told the judge that she believed her family members should be imprisoned for the “abuse” she said she had endured for years.

Aaron Carter faces the same fate as Britney! The family wants to incapacitate him

Sister Britney, however, assured in an interview that she had always acted on behalf of Britney.

“I’ve always been my sister’s biggest fan,” she added. “So when she needed help, I did everything I could to help her as well as share the contacts she needed to eventually end this guardianship and just end it all for our family. I thought then – if it causes so much disagreement, why continue it? “

Jamie Lynn Spears on Britney. “You have no RIGHT to talk about it”

Jamie Lynn assured her in an interview that it was she who helped her contact the lawyers and helped her in contact with other people, but, as she claims, “it did not work for her”. After all, she and Britney don’t have the best relationship.

Britney attacks her sister again. This one is not so holy

The younger sister was asked about her current relationship with Britney after Britney unfollowed her on Instagram.

“That love is still there, one hundred percent. Um, I love my sister, she added. “I’ve always loved her, supported her, and did what was right, and she knows it. I don’t know why our relationship is at this point now.

Jamie Lynn also referred to a recent Britney Spears post in which she expresses anger at her sister for having performed her songs. She explained that she “did not understand why her sister would be angry with her” and that she “discussed” the whole situation with her sister.

Best Day Ever – Britney Spears is finally free!

Jamie Lynn Spears’s memoirs will be released on January 18th.







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