Britt Baker | “I’d like to face Sasha Banks”

Britt Baker: “I’d like to face Sasha Banks” (Wednesday 25 May 2022)

The situation between Sasha Banks, Naomi and the WWE is causing an incredible number of rumors: some speak of a very delicate situation, others speak of work and others simply do not know what is happening. Away from WWE troubles, Britt Baker she stated that she would be very interested in face up to Sasha Banks. The former AEW women’s champion has a lot of potential and a match against the former SmackDown champion would have the prerequisites to become a true classic of the category. The word to the doctor Speaking to Forbes, Britt Baker said: “Since it is a very sensitive subject now, I would say that I would like Very face up to SashaRead about zonawrestling


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Britt Baker would like to challenge Sasha Banks The Shield Of Sports

Britt Baker would like to challenge Sasha Banks

Britt Baker makes the most of the hottest topic of recent days in the world of Pro-Wrestling and reveals that he wants to take on Sasha Banks. In fact, Sasha and Naomi continue to make a lot of arguments for their …

AEW: Top Superstar praises Sasha Banks

Sasha Banks is at the center of a real case, as we know WWE has suspended both her and Naomi indefinitely. During a recent interview with Forbes, Britt Baker praised the “Boss” …

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